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Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 was Chartered by The Grand Lodge of Scotland on 7th. February 1876.

We have continually met in Uddingston since that date and our Lodge has in its possession a complete minute which traces not only the history of the Lodge but importantly the history of our village and the surrounding area.

Our present Masonic Hall was built in 1924 and is one of the finest examples of a building of its type in Scotland.


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Lodge St. Bryde No. 579

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Member 662. Initiated 10th January 1912 at the age of 22.

Residing at Mayfield, Bellshill Road, Uddingston he worked as a Bank Clerk.

EA Degree- 10th January 1912

FC Degree- 24th January 1912 PGL Visit

MM Degree- 14th February 1912

Mark Degree- Strangely no minute of a special meeting that was called for an MMM Degree on Thursday 25th of April 1912.

St. Bryde No. 579 WW1 Fallen Thomas Robertson Thomas Robertson

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Member 749. Initiated 12th May 1915 at the age of 32

Residing at Depot, Gourock he lists his occupation as a soldier.

EA Degree- 12th May 1915 by 579

FC Degree- 8th September 1915 by 579

MM Degree- 22nd September 1915 by 948

Mark Degree- From the Lodge minutes from the 26th April 1916 we read `A letter was read from the secretary of Lodge Firth of Clyde No. 626 stating that Bro Ord Meikle of 579 had received his Mark degree at the hands of Lodge 626 on 21st March 1916.

Ord Meikle Thomas Robertson

Member 770. Initiated 22nd March 1916 at the age of 21

Residing at North Lodge, Viewpark he worked as a Farm Servant.

EA Degree- 22nd March 1916 by Bro. J. Nimmo 579

FC Degree- 12th April 1916 by Bro. T. Robertson PM 579

MM Degree- 26th April 1916 by Bro. J. Patrick PM 579

Mark Degree- 27th April 1916 a special meeting conducted the night after his MM degree

His Proposer was his Brother Thomas H. Fisher and his Seconder was Bro. Charles Ellis JD

He is remembered with honour on the Arras Memorial, Arras, France.

Member 654. Initiated 12th April 1911 at the age of 25

Residing at 163 Eastmuir, Shettleston. Occupation was Coal Merchant

Proposed 8th March 1911 by Bro. Robert Swan

Seconded by I.P.M Richard Nisbet

EA Degree- 12th April 1911 by 579

FC Degree- 26th April 1911 by 579

MM Degree- 10th May 1911 by 579

Mark Degree- No record of a Mark Degree as at this time in the Lodge, Mark degrees were called as special meetings and no minutes were taken.

George Wilson Wylie

Member 528, Initiated 25th of May 1904

Residing at Eastwood, Bothwell he was employed as a Grocer.

EA Degree- 25th May 1904

FC Degree- 8th June 1904

MM Degree- 13th July 1904

No record of a Mark degree as the Lodge did not carry out Mark Degrees at this time.

George Wilson Wylie

Member 389. Initiated 1st of November 1899

Residing at Smiths Land, Bellshill Road, Uddingston he worked as a Smelter.

EA Degree- 1st. November 1899

FC Degree- 11th. April 1900

MM Degree- 10th. May 1900

Mark Degree- No record of Mark Degree

George Wilson Wylie

Member 1062. Initiated 24th of September 1919  

Residing at 29 Old Glasgow Road, Uddingston he worked as a Plumber.

EA Degree-

FC Degree-

MM Degree-

Mark Degree-

George Wilson Wylie